The Host

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I finally got around to writing a review of The Host (Guimul). A product of the Korean film industry, which seems to be on creative fire at the moment. The Host has been compared to The Royal Tanenbaums and Godzilla or Tremors.

The film also has a subversive tone questioning the relationship that South Korea has with the US. The US presence takes up some of the most valuable land and resources in Korea and has been seen as overbearing. The North looks less of a threat than it has done. Mainly because they’ve pursued less overt direct action recently.

The nature of the Korean government before and after democracy  was rolled out. Environmental policies and the suppression of citizen interests for the betterment of big business.

A kaiju stalks the sewers of Seoul and the river Han that flows through it. How it got there is a mystery. Those in authority are willfully unaware or in denial.

The performance walks a tightrope between humour and tragedy without the heavy-handed humour in many Hong Kong films. The director is unflinching in his efforts to hold up a mirror to the audience and isn’t afraid to sacrifice characters.

Get out and see it if you haven’t had a chance already. More reviews here.