Jargon Watch: Spam 2.0 – the yoof are finding the OFF button

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The Clapper

Spam 2.0 – Commercial marketing on MySpace and other social networking sites, from every little gang of gangly youths that want to play in local bars to the Burger King himself.

This probably fuels the transient nature of young people’s digital identities, exasperating the way people have for quite some time drifted along attaching themselves for a while to different cultural tribes (often several at the same time.)

Young people are starting to recognise that privacy doesn’t exist on the web, but by breaking and starting new digital identities they can minimise the damage: whether its employers looking at their MySpace party pictures or marketers trying to keep in touch.

Kudos to Wired magazine Jargon Watch column for the definition. For those of you interested,  additional insight on young people and online identity can be found here (thanks to Iain Tait’s Crackunit blog) and former Yahoo: danah boyd’s blog postings and academic papers are well worth checking out.