Reading Time: 2 minutes I have a Nokia e61 smartphone, but the new e90 has filled me with GSMvy . I had the current e61 for the past six months on Orange and after some teething troubles with buggy firmware I grew to like it so much I knew that was what I was going to replace my Orange… Continue reading GSMvy


Reading Time: 2 minutes It was a pleasure to read jPod. I like the writing of Douglas Coupland, he’s like a lightning rod for the zeitgeist for the knowledge economy. I’ve grown up and moved through my career with his works as a kind of literary soundtrack playing in the background. His writing moves from the monotony and empty-sadness… Continue reading jPod

Paper-process engineering

Reading Time: 2 minutes McDonalds Restaurants brings out distinct feelings in people: from little kids who love the whole experience of unpacking a happy meal for the toy to adults disgusted by everything that the company stands for. So before I go any further I would like you to suspend your emotional views on McDonalds, at least until I’ve… Continue reading Paper-process engineering