Come together

Reading Time: 2 minutes I got an email at the back-end of December from Harrison Tang asking me to try a new service that he’s involved in Spokeo, I delayed posting this as Harrison was going to respond to some questions that I had sent through, but no response . Spokeo is one of them duh, why didn’t someone… Continue reading Come together

Jargon Watch: Spam 2.0 – the yoof are finding the OFF button

Reading Time: < 1 minute Spam 2.0 – Commercial marketing on MySpace and other social networking sites, from every little gang of gangly youths that want to play in local bars to the Burger King himself. This probably fuels the transient nature of young people’s digital identities, exasperating the way people have for quite some time drifted along attaching themselves… Continue reading Jargon Watch: Spam 2.0 – the yoof are finding the OFF button


Reading Time: < 1 minute I have contacts on spread across a number of different instant messaging platforms: Yahoo!, Jabber/Google Talk, AOL/iChat/ICQ and MSN services. I moved across different services as I moved jobs and clients, yet maintaining those contacts has a high value. Adium is an open source OS X software application that rolls all those messaging services in… Continue reading Adiumation