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Rated: Useless?

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Jonny Rosemont had a recent posting on his old blog (his shiny new one is here) about three blogging tools that he rates and three which he thinks are tired.

I have a slightly different stance since I got into post-widget stress disorder some 18 months ago and have cleared many of the products he talks about from my blog.

They make the code template messy and often don’t play all that nicely. I ended up with a blog front page that looked like a racing driver’s Nomex boiler suit; covered in all his sponsor’s patches like a psychedelic chess board.

My three rated items would be:

  • Feedburner – I’ve had some hassles with it but its a great service for aggregating both feed and blog traffic numbers, the flares that can be put on posts are useful as well
  • Bloglines – It has a very useful public profile section that is a simpler, more elegant way of maintaining a blogroll (for example)
  • Flickr – provides an elegant way to host my own images, or find someone else’s that would add to a post