Rated: Useless?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Jonny Rosemont had a recent posting on his old blog (his shiny new one is here) about three blogging tools that he rates and three which he thinks are tired. I have a slightly different stance since I got into post-widget stress disorder some 18 months ago and have cleared many of the products he… Continue reading Rated: Useless?

Vine to bear mobile 2.0 fruit

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thanks to an introduction by Wireless Foundry founder Ian Wood, I met up with Daniel Appelquist of Vodafone Research & Development. Daniel is a web veteran having worked at Vizzavi and the UK arm of TheStreet.com during the first wave of web businesses and services. He is currently working on an interesting public facing project… Continue reading Vine to bear mobile 2.0 fruit