Jargon Watch – Akiba-kei

Reading Time: < 1 minute akihabaraOriginally uploaded by ivva. Akiba-kei – A Japanese word meaning related to Akihabara. Akihabara or ‘Electric Town’ was the place where you could go to get everything from electronic components to new and vintage devices. The electronic component shops inspired generations of budding engineers that went on to work for the likes of Sony and… Continue reading Jargon Watch – Akiba-kei

Uploading innovation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Uploading Innovation was an unconference organised by Policyunplugged and NESTA. I was invited to attend by Steve Moore; I had no expectations about what to expect. After a short stand-up lunch that allowed me to meet a couple of the attendees. Compared to other events that I have been to, there was a high proportion… Continue reading Uploading innovation