Brand Power

I was sat on the Eurostar on the way to a meeting in Brussels, my knees compressed by the back of the next seat ahead of me and couldn’t help but overhear a conversation of the people in front of me. There were discussing an unnamed third person and talked about how the person had […]

Ask For A Habit, Not A Trial

I kept an account the on Monday about the amount of times that I used Google: 30 times in one day. On top of that I use Yahoo! Search shortcuts to three currency conversions. At no time however had I used Why do I use Google? Its a good question, Yahoo! provides broadly comparable […]


I met up with my friend George who writes for a number of specialist telecoms publications covering everything from back-end systems to mobile services. He has noticed a resurgence in the telecoms sector driven by large media companies like Google. This resurgence isn’t the hype blown version of the 1990s but a comeback none the […]

Innovators dilemma

Mike Lynch has a high profile in the UK as one of our few technology success stories, he is CEO of a company called Autonomy which provides knowledge management solutions for enterprises, government organisations like the NSA and search engine Blinkx. The secret sauce of Autonomy is based on statistical analysis: a technique called Bayes […]

Brand: FCKD?

When the Motorola RAZR launched it was considered to have placed Motorola as the phone manufacturer with the finger on the pulse. It was a combination of classy and clever engineering that looked great. It was well marketed and developed the same kind of style icon status as the iPod. There was clever seeding of […]