Jetlagged thoughts on Google

Its about 7am US west coast time as I start to write this post in Yojimbo. The person next to me on the plane has moved elsewhere so I could finally get to a power socket. My work IT system and a marathon of meetings conspired against me yesterday and fought me achieving anything of […]

Why the web has gone down the pan

I was inspired to write this post from a number of things that came together at the same time. I found it hard to find anything worthwhile posting about over the past few days because I was insufficiently inspired, particularly by online happenings. Then there was Michael Arrington’s post on TechCrunch: Silicon Valley Could Use […]

GreatAdvice: part one (of an occasional series)

Occasionally I get told great pieces of advice and now rather than forget them I have decided to put them down on this blog. Hell, why go through the pain when you can make a set of new original mistakes of your own. If you are every forced into singing karaoke, California Dreaming can be […]

Recursive experience

I had a pretty surreal moment yesterday. I usually listen to the Wall Street Journal Online Late Day Tech Briefing podcast since it gives you the main tech news sprinkled with a little market news. Together with an email from the San Jose Mercury’s Good Morning Silicon Valley blog, it marks the end of my […]