JargonWatch: Sent to Mordor

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When Apple engineers are sent from Cupertino, California on intense two-week trips to supervise huge manufacturing plants in Shenzhen, China, making sure that designs are faithfully recreated to a suitably high standard of quality is known as being ’sent to Mordor’. The Popbitch email newsletter claims that the phrase originated internally at Apple about the iPod team engineers.

I guess its a post-modern version of the ‘dark Satanic Mills’ of William Blake’s New Jerusalem

UPDATE: hello to the Salon.com readers that are visiting. Feel free to stay a while and make yourselves comfortable. Though surely rather than  One iPhone to rule them all,

One iPhone to find them,

One iPhone to bring them all

and in the darkness bind them, it should be ‘one ringtone’ (which has got to be a more fiendishly evil concept, getting people to pay twice for music they already have.)