2K8 and beyond for technology

Predictions and hopes: The iPhone and its multi-touch screen has defined the mobile user experience. Whilst by no means perfect, it has shone a light on an area of innovation that companies as diverse as Nokia, Google and Microsoft are also focused on. More importantly it has raised consumers expectations of what makes a good […]

Memewatch: My week in media

The thoroughly nice people over at Seventy Seven PR have an interesting category on the Mediawatch blog called My Week in Media. Check out James Gordon Mackintosh (of t4w fame) in particular. The posts revolve around four categories What I’ve read What I’ve watched What I’ve listened to What I’ve surfed You could argue with […]

Facebook optimisation

I managed to get a couple of roles through the influence provided by my blog and have fielded enquiries on business partnerships, new business and potential job offers via the contact me section. The same has happened via LinkedIn over the past four years and over the past six months Facebook as been a similar […]

A year in PR

Stephen Waddington at Rainier tagged me for a bit of reflection on the past year and crystal ball gazing into what the next year brings. I am reminded by a phrase from the Qur’an that is something to the effect of the man who predicts the future lies, even when he is proved right, so […]

Is marketing dead as a discipline?

Don’t worry, I still believe in branding, trust and providing products and services that customers actually want, in a manner that they want and when they want it. However business management no longer does. At least that’s the conclusion that I drew having read The Short Life of the Chief Marketing Officer by David Kiley […]