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Facebook optimisation

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I managed to get a couple of roles through the influence provided by my blog and have fielded enquiries on business partnerships, new business and potential job offers via the contact me section.

The same has happened via LinkedIn over the past four years and over the past six months Facebook as been a similar source of new business. Part of this down to connections and part is down to my profile on Facebook.

Below are some tips that at a minimum will allow you to spring clean your profile and hopefully optimise it for gaining new business leads.

  1. Lose some of the more frivolous applications like zombies and pirates
  2. Reorder what’s left by dragging it around to show the most relevant content about you
  3. Trim back much of the notifications on the remaining so that your mini-feed does not look like some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder
  4. Finally put in the ‘Personal Info’ Activities section what you actually do for a living. Let’s face it you may love travelling twice a year and may have enjoyed those three wind surfing lessons, but you do your job for 50+ hours a week, you can put the activities you want to do in interests