Memewatch: Adventures on the front-line

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Dawn in Hong Kong

I safely landed in Hong Kong but then the technical gremlins kicked in. Hong Kong International airport’s free wi-fi service didn’t like my email account.

The broadband connection here at my friend’s apartment only works in the early morning (guessing contention ratio issues) and I can’t get my (T-Mobile) voicemail on my mobile phone (a PIN number that I don’t have).

I also have weather that is in the mid-20s celsius and lots to see so can’t complain.

Thanks to David, Paul and Charlie who have commented on the Facebook posting I put up the other day, we’ll how much good Facebook joining the data portability industry working group does.

Stephen Davies has tagged me on eight things you didn’t know about me, a bit tricky this because of how long I’ve been blogging and because the about page on this blog gives a pretty good summary of me.

  1. My all-time hero. I don’t have one, several have influenced me Stewart Brand, Steve Jobs, Michael Collins, Moshe Dayan, Robert Pirsig, Sun Tzu and Mary Robinson are the few that I can name at a first push
  2. I’m an accidential PR person, I fell into the game via meat packing, DJ’ing, nightclub promotion and being a shift leader in an oil refinery
  3. I developed four products which were patented and my name appears on none of the patents; mainly because the company that I worked for at the time wouldn’t allow anyone who didn’t have at least a masters degree to appear on a patent application
  4. I shave my head every day, the bit you didn’t know is that I use an application of hair conditioner and a Gillette Mach 3 to get the required egg-head effect
  5. I am not particularly passionate about technology: but quality and tools that can be used in an appropriate way
  6. I am crap at DIY
  7. Like Stephen Davies, I love afternoon naps and in fact would love to have slacker as my job title, but for the fact that it doesn’t pay too good and wouldn’t keep me in fine Swiss watches, Stussy t-shirts, carhartt jeans and adidas trainers (US English: sneakers)
  8. I once declined a job offer to help some ‘business people’ from the neighbourhood set-up and run an LSD lab. I didn’t fancy a visit to the big stripey house so I declined their offer

I’m going to tag Lloyd Davis, Jackie Danicki, David Brain and Piaras Kelly.