Further tales from the mall and etch-a-sketch

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This post follows on from earlier retail observations a few days ago on HKG life:

  • Copywriting – is so different to the UK. Even though it comes across as a little odd, Hong Kong copywriting like the the MTR advert above always puts a smile on my face. For that alone, I think that we can learn from them. (Click on the image if you would like to see it in a larger size)
  • Bespoke versus tailored – Westerners who come out to Hong Kong are a sucker for the tailored suits, however locals love swish off the peg garments and Italian designers are particularly favoured. Ermenegildo Zegna is a particular favourite. They also like Bally shoes and for casualwear men over a certain age favour US-style golf attire like Ashworth Golf Company and Ralph Lauren
  • Something for free – I lost my sunglasses and struggled to find another set of Oakleys, I also picked up a sweatshirt because the flight out was a bit chilly. As I was paying my bill at the counter, I was asked was I a Hong Kong resident and then ten per cent came off the bill and was then told that I get a free gift. The gift in this case was a Mickey Mouse Club travel towel. What is most interesting about this was that a) I got a free gift and b) They didn’t actively promote the hell out of it before you got to point-of-purchase, which I guess was a way to ‘delight’ shoppers and blow post-purchase dissonance out of the water. On further enquiry I found that most shops were giving gifts themed around the forthcoming year of the rat celebrations

Hong Kong isn’t known for its online and web start-up community, so I thought I would link to the details of a site that I got sent by email the other day. Sketchplanet is a very primitive way of sharing doodles (done in an etch-a-sketch style) with other people on the net. Maybe enough to provide a bit of amusement on a three-hour conference call when you are noodling on a sudoko problem.