Sugar Rush

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August Rush is a saccharin sweet musical that Americans do so well. Its so inoffensive, the only people you couldn’t bring along to watch it would be an Al Qaeda bigwig (mainly because they would be too busy watching Man Utd game re-runs instead).


The story centres around an orphan who is an Oliver Twist-like character with a trippy outlook on life and music who . What is interesting however is the way the story narrative flips backwards and forwards in time and there is a series of apparently chaotic coincidences that move the story along.

Don’t watch it for the story or how it makes you feel, do it for the structure.

Sakura KitKat

Talking of things sweet Peter Payne has details of a new flavour of Kit-Kat in the Japanese market. One of the most beautiful time of the year is cherry blossom season (sakura is what the Japanese call cherry blossom) and is also the time of the year when Japanese students sit their university examinations and Kit-Kats are eaten by students as a kind of good luck charm.

Kit-Kat is close to the Japanese for you will surely win. This happy coincidence of events means that we get this funky packaging.