ThinkingAloud: The Twitter Man

Reading Time: 2 minutes I had a long caffiene-filled weekend chilling out reading old Wired articles on counter-culture, prediction markets and social media when an idea came to me. Why not combine the approach of Luke Rhinehart’s novel The Dice Man with an ad-hoc prediction market being substituted for the pseudo-chaotic responses provided by a pair of dice. Like… Continue reading ThinkingAloud: The Twitter Man

Sugar Rush

Reading Time: < 1 minute August Rush is a saccharin sweet musical that Americans do so well. Its so inoffensive, the only people you couldn’t bring along to watch it would be an Al Qaeda bigwig (mainly because they would be too busy watching Man Utd game re-runs instead).   The story centres around an orphan who is an Oliver… Continue reading Sugar Rush

Keeping it gangster with Jingjing

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hong Kong is familiar to many westerners as a backdrop for gangster films from Enter the Dragon to Jackie Chan’s Police Story, PTU and the Infernal Affairs trilogy. In fact, the society is much more organised and less violent than the likes of the UK. Even the old public housing projects in Aberdeen don’t really… Continue reading Keeping it gangster with Jingjing