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Facebook Fatigue

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In early January I talked about the future decline of Facebook. Since that posting about a month and a half ago I am already seeing signs of Facebook fatigue amongst my friends. Ok, this isn’t a quantitate evidence, but I think that its the first brushstrokes in painting a larger picture of Facebook’s decline.

From one of my ‘early majority’ friends which I received on February 8th.

HI Guy’s

I have decided to leave face book as it’s rubbish, feel free to send me emails at

Talk soon

I also received a message from Lloyd Davis about the Social Media Cafe. Lloyd is moving member engagement beyond Facebook. The interesting thing about the mail is that Lloyd recognised that ‘early adopters’ like social media mavens don’t all ‘actively engage’ on Facebook

This FB group has been great for getting your attention and for you to show your committment (I’m thrilled that we still have 300 members) but it doesn’t really work for day to day activities and not everyone is an active facebook user – btw please *don’t* leave the group just because we’re doing stuff elsewhere – it goes down very well when I’m bigging up what we’re doing with money people that we’ve got 300 peeps on FB :)

Whilst I don’t think that the Daily Mail is one of the leading authorities when it comes to social media, but they have data points that they feel indicates the start of a decline (if not a plateau) in UK usage of Facebook.