Number Crunching: Broadband

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Forrester Research sent out an interesting email as part of their Telecom First Look series that had some great insight into consumer broadband penetration internationally. You can see the full email here, but here is some of the key take outs:

  • Forrester thinks that market saturation of consumer broadband services kicks in at about 70 per cent market penetration
  • By 2013, 98 per cent of web access in western Europe will be via a broadband connection
  • There is an interesting gap in consumers between awareness and desire to use VoIP services. Some two thirds of those surveyed knew what VoIP is but just over 40 per cent that knew what it was and weren’t interested in it. Only eight per cent of people surveyed used VoIP services. Go short on Skype pronto :)