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Mainstream Media Finally Cops To Dependence on Blogs* – Silicon Alley Insider

Microsoft’s Potential Yahoo Buy Could Lose Alibaba | WebProNews

Fire Eagle, the early days – nice overview by Tom Coates, can’t wait to see what the eco-system looks like by the time there is a developer meet-up in London later on this year

Featured Mac Download: Completely Uninstall Programs with AppCleaner – I need this to clean up my MacBook Pro

Social media monitoring changes – Drew has posted on how he is noticing increasing similarities in the results returned by different social web search services. This homogenity will eventually lead to Google becoming more dominant

Navy SEALs: Mental Strength And Courage – Men’s Health – lessons learned muscle memory through repetition, taking a deep breath and problem solving

(o)|| Tresor – the classic Berlin techno record label and club

Sponsors of Olympic torch caught in Tibet protests – International Herald Tribune – interesting reputation challenges for the sponsors

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Amish Paradise | PBS