Event: .ORG Webby 5s at the ICA

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Thanks to my friend Mecca I got to go along to the .ORG Webby 5s, I have pictures of the event on my flickr stream and have wrote some general notes below which are not exhaustive.It was good to meet a number of old and new contacts including Nik Roope, Helen Keegan,  Mecca Ibrahm, David-Michel Davies, Mike Butcher and LJ Rich.

The Webbys had 10,000 entries whittled down by 600 judges to 595 nominations, 65 of which had a .org domain

The web has changed the way Greenpeace looks at their brand, they had got used to being a television brand, moving to the web was challenging. Their first humourous viral (aimed at whaling) was contraversial amongst members who thought that it trivialised the organisations struggle. Whilst the brand has high recognition, the price of baggage attached to it is high in terms of trust issues, transparency and community building.

Having worked on the other side of the fence it was interesting that Greenpeace was so self conscious as an organisation, business brands tend to think of organisations as ‘teflon’ brands – nothing bad sticks to them, but NGOs felt differently.

In the question and answer session at the end, I got the sense that the NGOs relied on the mainstream media not only for publicity but for validation of their cause. Pictures from the event here.