Links of the day

WIKINOMICS | HOME – handy reading

Gartner: Windows collapsing under its own weight; Radical change needed | Between the Lines | – this is an interesting article, especially when you read Linus Torvald’s explanation on why monolithic systems are better than modular systems in the O’Reilly book Open Sources, this looks like a ball that could go back and forward like the red-top newspapers debating the tactics of the English football manager

Computerworld – Windows is ‘collapsing,’ Gartner analysts warn – the key argument

Delicious – interesting take on traffic, what being a unique user of a site actually means now and the importance of browser chrome

Communities Dominate Brands: Nomadic Generation C in the space of information flows

3 Like Home – one of the compelling reasons to go with 3. I used my 3G modem in HKG and noticed no increase in my bill from hiked up roaming charges

Music 2.0 – Exploring Chaos in Digital Music » EMI Closing Asian Offices – Major Labels’ Global Foibles Exposed

Fake Blogs Now A Criminal Offence

PR Newswire – meet the media webcasts

Mr. Splashy Pants and the Tale of a Hijacked PR Campaign

Perspectives – Learning the importance of privacy – interesting reflection by my friend Rachel Lee who works in our HKG office about what a private life and privacy means in connected times

Business social networking site Xing launches in UK in challenge to LinkedIn

Top UK sites for 2007, according to Hitwise | Technology | Guardian Unlimited

Tibet backers show China value of PR