Links of the day

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Cuill – Welcome To Cuill – one to watch in search

In China, returning to greener pre-plastic shopping tech – China way ahead of Target in environmentally friendly shopping

Interesting research on consumer behaviour and mobile devices – What Hijazi-Omari and Ribak are finding with Palestinian girls is that the mobile is allowing them to have private encounters and relationships when these would be otherwise impossible.

HELLOTXT TWHIRL – Robin Grant gives an overview of Twitter applications (pay wall)

Blyk: 29% average response rate to adverts

YouTube – HouseMasterz’s Channel – fine collection of house music

BPI – Music Business Group Response to UK IPO consultation on copyright exceptions – Music industry wants to tax consumers for format transfer. Either a flight of fancy or a speculative shake down racket that will not benefit artists one iota

Google bots are crawling in a new way – Networks – Breaking Business and Technology News at – interesting move on Google’s part, I wonder if they have a way with handling captatchas to get at hidden data?