Links of the day

William Gibson: The Rolling Stone 40th Anniversary Interview : Rolling Stone

Droste Effect: when a package’s artwork features the package itself – Boing Boing  – attempt to harness social media karma into clicks

Facebook: the lobbying boiling pot (Part II)

Ajaxian » Yahoo! BrowserPlus: The rumour is true – surprised that this didn’t happen soon, Yahoo! purchased Konfabulator (the granddaddy of the modern widget / offline engine for online applications and services a few years ago)

Software As A Disservice: Microsoft’s absurd software subscription – Valleywag’s take on Albany

PR Squared: Social Media Release Template, version 1.5 – Todd Defren talks us through the latest changes to the SHIFT format release, he talks about being able to individually ‘atomise’ each piece of content on the release rather than just the whole document. Think social media ‘soundbite’