Jargon Watch: BYM

Reading Time: < 1 minute Buy Your Mind (BYM) – the exact opposite to DIY-culture. Instead of tinkering and hacking hardware, customising a set of jeans or designing your own t-shirt range (even if its, Threadless, Spreadshirt, Le Fraise or Cafe Press printing them) you purchase someone else’s designs. This came from a sub-titled video that I watched  at the… Continue reading Jargon Watch: BYM

Links of the day

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hong Kong smart card service in its 11th year on PSFK – nice article on how HKG’s funky Octopus card kicks ass (I use mine to pay for popcorn at the AMC cinema in Pacific Place as well as getting around HKG), whilst LDN’s Oyster is about as much use as one hand clapping. Once… Continue reading Links of the day

Why is Twitter like Facebook?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ok so this isn’t about the obvious answer that Twitter is a social network that provides status information, but instead that Twitter’s API has changed in use. Its gone from people building countless front-ends to the service (from mobile clients to Mozilla plug-ins and stand-alone applications for both Mac and PC user) to becoming a… Continue reading Why is Twitter like Facebook?