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Mum and Dad

I had my folks staying with me for the weekend. Here is a collection of their thoughts on the web properties that I showed them:

  • Bloglines – ‘Its like a newspaper, but theres more of it’ said my Dad
  • Flickr – ‘But why would you want to keep all them photos and not print them out to share’ my Mum’s response and I am sure music to the people at Moo‘s ears. Mecca, Lisa if you use that line in any marketing, I’ll take a tricked out 15 inch MacBook Pro as my royalty payment.
  • Google – universally loved. My Mum had an unusual way of referring to Google ‘Ask it about _____’, Google wasn’t a search engine but an oracle, every result given was trusted, quite an uncanny experience
  • Skype – A 15-minute call to relatives in Ireland gave Skype a workout. It was considered cumbersome but handy, however 3’s Skype phone may have made it on to the oldsters wishlist for Santa this Christmas
  • Twitter – I demonstrated Twitter to my Dad. He sagely thought about what I had showed him and then turned around and said ‘So its kind of an online pub’ then

The web’s killer app is: Google according to my Dad whilst my Mum is mesmerised by Uniqlock