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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Cazal 977

In this edition of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly we have web trends, sunglasses and green footwear:




Web 3.0: the semantic web – the web is hitting a plateau and needs a paradigm shift

Web 2.0: what was a philosophical leap forward in web development has become overburdened by suits and and the great unwashedMobile web: whilst I use Twitter and Bloglines on my mobile phone, the mobile web has yet to deliver its true potential

Vintage Ray-Ban – I am currently rocking a set of Ray Ban Shooter with ambermatic lens from the early 1990s. Thanks to the whole 80s revival I have a lot of people admiring them. I am glad that I left them in the back of the drawer for the past decade rather than throwing them out like I stupidly did with my Oakley T-wires

CAZAL – Cari Zalloni’s more outrageous designs were rocked by the famous in the 1980s from Tim Simenon of Bomb The Bass to MC Hammer these glasses are a triumph of form over function

Modern Ray Ban – comparatively poor build quality leaching off the reputation the brand gained for quality optical instruments under Bausch and Lomb. The new Italian owners Luxottica Group have a lot to answer for. Scarily, they now own Oakley as well.
Nike Considered – now Nike may employ children on pitiful wages, but their Considered range of outdoory wear combines style with green credentials and they have made some shoes ideal for client meetings and comfortable enough to wear on a long-haul flight. adidas Grun – adidas have been the dons at raiding the design archive to bring back classic shoes and styles. I have their gear but their environmentally-friendly range looked as appealing as a 3-day-old lentil casserole.

Converse Chuck Taylors – why when shoe technology has moved on would anybody want to wear this medieval basketball boot? While we’re at it should we bring back foot-binding for all female offspring?