Vote now, vote often

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Not one but two requests on your time. My ex-colleagues Mark and Lisa have been involved in making a video for a Doritos competition, this is what you need to do according to Mark:

Hello, it’s vote spam time….a friend of mine has done a video for a Doritos advert competition, and it’s just made the shortlist of 5, from 900 entries. My connection is that I did the music for it – and nearly drove myself insane with Victorian fairground samples in the process.

It’s now all down to public voting, which means that faster than you can say ‘Robert Mugabe’ I’m trying to get people to vote for us.. If you’ve got a second please go to , click the “Vote” link then vote for “Mexico in your mouth” – there could be a bag of crisps in it for you!

Secondly, I was involved in a cooking competition Food 2.0 – Nom Nom Nom. You can make a difference by voting for my team, give a donation to Action Against Hunger and get the chance to win a prize. Vote here, and vote often!