Links of the day

Panda Relocation Foundation – I suspect that this is a viral site for the forthcoming Ben Stiller movie Tropic Thunder

How to Create a Social Media Monitoring Strategy

Trends in Japan » Ekipedia highlights train station accessibility – Really sweet accessibility mapping for public transport in Japan

What Getting Buzzed Says About Yahoo! – its all about core competences, in Yahoo!’s case aggregating an audience and playing to its strengths

YouTomb: where copyright-clobbered youtubes go to die – Boing Boing

Beijing Apple Store in Photos

Lost In Translation: Japanese Market Not Sold On iPhone Cool Factor – In Japan, like elsewhere, gadget fans lined up to be some of the first to buy the new iPhone last week. However, after the initial rush, it appears that consumers there aren’t completely sold on the device

Why Silicon Valley Should Be Worried – GigaOM

Nike campaign celebrates 20 years of ‘Just Do It’ – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic

Corporate Social Networks Are A Waste of Money, Study Finds – ReadWriteWeb

Reuters AlertNet – Homepage – Reuters news for NGOs spotlighting disasters around the world