Links of the day

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Facebook | CINEMA TRANSGRESSIONS – a great alt. cinema club formed by my friend Lee Threlkeld in Luton. The venue is right by the train staton so if you are a film fan join up

Village – The truth about the EU and Ireland after Lisbon

delicious blog » public service announcement: do you know where your password is? – delicious are finally rolling out the new version, you need to make sure you know what email address you are set up on. I had to change since it was originally set up with my old corporate account

Welcome To The Elevator – nice satrical site in Ireland, courtesy of my colleague Johnny Mulligan

‘Generation V’ Defies Traditional Demographics – Gartner tries to play in Forrester’s Social Technographics space

Social Technographics Explained – Forrester’s slightly more sophisticated model than the creators – synthesisers – consumers model that I was used to at Yahoo!

Target the Audience or Ride Along With the Content? – Advertising Age – Digital – interesting perspective on the content is king debate

ParisLemon: Yahoo Search + Results = A Step Towards Crowd-Sourced Search? – a write up on Yahoo!’s experiment to incorporate results into the SERP (search engine results page), all the meta-tagging data would have been an ideal way of improving relevance and search quality

Twitter Brand Index « Fluent Simplicity – really handy list of Twitter feeds