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Beard or no beard

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Ged Carroll

Yesterday I put my Twitter Man idea into practice, when I asked my Twitter community whether I should shave my goatee off. There were ten votes for keeping it (including those people who asked me to grow a more extensive beard and or a mustache and one against.

What was more interesting was the way the replies came in.

Less than half the people replied on Twitter, instead they messaged me via Facebook. The messages on Facebook tended to be from Twitter n00bs, whereas I have long ago abandoned Facebook as a way of interacting with my communities, its more like a very unwieldy contacts book.

This transition space of communicating on one social media and the reply coming from a different source makes finding the threads of conversations much more complex, and is something that is worthwhile looking at in a more serious manner with a better experiment.

The data from my impromptu poll also supported Rainier PR’s recent study on media consumption findings, since not one of the responses about whether I should shave or not referenced the ongoing Amy Winehouse saga.

3 replies on “Beard or no beard”

I vote to keep it. I’m surprised that you’ve grown one after lambasting my facial hair, calling me a Tom Selleck wannabe, stuck in the ’80s. I’m glad you’ve discovered the joy of hair.

I chose not to respond on Twitter cuz I couldn’t do a long enough rant. Microblogging has its place, but it takes away a lot of fun bloviating.

I wonder if anyone’s done a wider version of this, a bit like Danny Wallace’s ‘Yes Man’ book of a few years ago (, i.e. post twitter updates and wait for the first response to make your decision. Tesco or Waitrose? Cleaning or pub? Boxers or briefs? Beach holiday or backpacking in Lagos – the possibilities are almost endless, and almost certainly bound to end in tears ;)

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