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Woolworths rejects takeover offer from Iceland founder – North Wales boy made good Mal Walker on the prowl. I wonder if he still drives is V12 S-Class coupe?

Why Vista is ‘Universally Hated’ and Other Training Truths – interesting perspective on SaaS and the longevity of MS Office

Yahoo’s Fire Eagle Location-Data Platform Has Landed — Yahoo Search — InformationWeek

Are Macs More Expensive? Let’s Do the Math Once and For All

iPhone is big in Japan, reflects local failure to innovate

How should I approach a VC I don’t know? (Tech Confidential – VC Ratings)

Toyko hones its vintage clothing market – International Herald Tribune

Web Censorship Is So Bad in Turkey That Blogs Are Shutting Themselves Down In Protest

Sharemo: How Japanese people share used stuff using their cell phones

Following 4G: The State of LTE – GigaOM

Can Optic Cables Predict Economic Shifts? – GigaOM

ErrorKey – Search engine for Error codes and messages

50 Amazing and Essential Novels to Enrich Your Library | Zen Habits

Liverpudlian scalpers, scam Web sites, and other highlights of an Olympic-sized ticketing fiasco. – By Jacob Leibenluft, Tom Scocca, June Shih, and Tim Wu – Slate Magazine – makes me proud, crafty Scouse ticket touts go to Beijing to sell tickets despite the challenges of working in a tight security environment

MEDIAdeluge – my old colleague Christian Anderson’s blog

Microsoft Silverlight: 10 reasons to love it, 10 reasons to hate it | The Register