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Jargon Watch: Lipstick Effect, Broken Britain

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Lipstick effect – according the Huffington Post‘s Meredith Barnett, the phrase was invented by Leonard Lauder, as in Estee Lauder (company chairman) who observed a spike in lipstick sales post 9/11. During challenging times cheap luxuries enjoy a spike in sales as consumers look to counteract the economic blues. My college tutor once told me that Cadbury had seen a similar phenomenon in relation to the sales of Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Broken Britain – used by The Sun to describe the random violence and lawless that happens across the UK. Whilst it is easy to sneer and claim that the paper:

  1. Harks back to halcyon days of law and order that probably never existed in the UK (think Dixon of Dock Green and Heartbeat)
  2. Is likely to be the prefered reading material of the perpetrators who are responsible for Broken Britain

However, when I contrast this with the positive experience of a better-run society during my time in Hong Kong, I have to agree with the sentiment of Broken Britain. All the extensive network of CCTV cameras seem to have done is capture the footage of violent crimes more efficiently so they can be turned into cheap COPS-style reality television.

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Links of the day

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Microsoft Multi-Touch ‘Sphere’ Surfaces in Redmond – Switched – this sounds like the device that is invented in Douglas Coupland‘s novel jPod | Emergency Dialup Internet Access – really handy if you can’t get broadband

Japanese Designers 101 – beautiful things and ideas

N4E1 – Not For Everyone – Fresh designs straight out of Hong Kong

Publishers blast Asda editorial demands – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic – I guess this may tip magazines to go like the US with a more subscription centric model and make online more attractive. I guess Asda PRs will find their lives made much harder until the nasty taste is a distant memory in the mouths of publishers

Pickens rips Yahoo management, says he dumped shares at a loss – Pickens upset he had his face torn off on Yahoo! share speculation. The moral of the story is don’t invest in something that you don’t understand and bear in mind that the value of investments can go down as well as up ;-)

Alan Patricof: On Carl Icahn’s Settlement — And New Responsibilities — With Yahoo – interesting article

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . The Five Percent Solution | PBS

Gifticons a Hit for Gillette in South Korea – a 40 per cent response rate on a direct marketing campaiagn. I saw Ian Jindal present on how Korean web giant  and social network pioneers Nate were allowing real world gifting on their social network via similar mechanism. Ever had the sense you were living in the dark ages? I get it more and more when I see the amount of integrated mobile / online projects that are being rolled out in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea

China’s female artists quietly emerge – International Herald Tribune