Links of the day

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Dork talk – Skype S2 review – Stephen Fry teases out a feature that 3UK hadn’t promoted – the ability of the phone to act as a 3G wireless modem and is preloaded with drivers for both Windows and Mac

Cisco to Support VMware? – GigaOM – interesting move, giving a whole new meaning to the network is the computer

Cowboy Caleb – The Price Of Success In The Middle Kingdom – I really like this piece on team leadership. The eight points highlighted are:

  • What separates a manager from a leader is vision, and the ability to share that vision with others.
  • So it doesn’t matter which VP or director leaves the company so long as the person with the vision has the commitment to continue driving efforts relentlessly.
  • GuanXi is everything in China.
  • Be useful to differentiate yourself.
  • Don’t expect any help from your bosses.
  • Treat everything as a chess game. Plan your moves in advance.
  • Ensure the team is treated with dignity and respect. Reward them when they perform. Coach them when they fail you.
  • Stubbornness is a virtue.

EastSouthWestNorth: Mr. Li Writes To BBC

An odd couple takes a bite from the same apple – International Herald Tribune – interesting comparison on the brand identities of Apple and Ann Summers