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Oracle announces first hardware product –

Yahoo Opens R&D In Grenoble; UK Too Expensive, Too Few Engineers? | paidContent:UK – Is this an extension to the Kelkoo guys that used to be in Grenoble or somethig different (maybe to take advantage of the HP layoffs).

Transmeta calls it a day and looks for a buyer | Channel Register – This was a shame, we lost a golden technological opportunity with Transmeta when it was crushed by the duopoly of AMD and Intel

Apple Store (HongKong) – iPhone 3G  – Apple store offering unlocked iPhones. About time, though you may not have the benefit of visual voicemail. It makes sense given Hong Kong’s role as the shopping mall for the Chinese middle class. Kind of like New York for Europe and American middle class destination shopper. Thanks to Cowboy Caleb for the heads up

Chinese Internet Slang & “Netspeak” – Authenticities – Edelman Digital

Social Networking Watch: Japan’s Online Social Scene Isn’t So Social