Google world meets the gravity of economics?

Reading Time: 2 minutes A while a go I wrote a post about the pre-eminence of Google from a marketing and informational perspective. However, I read this post from Slate about the challenges facing the credit economy. The Death of the Credit Card Economy by Daniel Gross (August 30, 2008) points to the decline of short-term credit – particularly… Continue reading Google world meets the gravity of economics?

Shameless Plug: 3WPR

Reading Time: < 1 minute My friend Stephen Davies has launched an online PR outfit in Newcastle-upon-Tyne called 3WPR. Stephen has a sterling heritage in the area having worked at Edelman, Frank and most recently at webitpr. Stephen described the venture in a similar way to Carl Douglas’ description of kung fu fighting ‘a little bit frightening‘. I am sure… Continue reading Shameless Plug: 3WPR