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Oracle announces first hardware product –

Yahoo Opens R&D In Grenoble; UK Too Expensive, Too Few Engineers? | paidContent:UK – Is this an extension to the Kelkoo guys that used to be in Grenoble or somethig different (maybe to take advantage of the HP layoffs).

Transmeta calls it a day and looks for a buyer | Channel Register – This was a shame, we lost a golden technological opportunity with Transmeta when it was crushed by the duopoly of AMD and Intel

Apple Store (HongKong) – iPhone 3G  – Apple store offering unlocked iPhones. About time, though you may not have the benefit of visual voicemail. It makes sense given Hong Kong’s role as the shopping mall for the Chinese middle class. Kind of like New York for Europe and American middle class destination shopper. Thanks to Cowboy Caleb for the heads up

Chinese Internet Slang & “Netspeak” – Authenticities – Edelman Digital

Social Networking Watch: Japan’s Online Social Scene Isn’t So Social

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Jargon Watch: Micro-agency

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Micro-agency: this is one that Jonathan Hopkins picked up that I came up with when talking about his agency Shed. It was a blatant steal on the concept of micro-brewery – a small brewing pilot-plant based business that competes in a niche, specialism or on quality with larger more-efficient brewing operations. To me the analogy for agencies was obvious, smaller and more dynamic than even a boutique agency, but bringing more to the table for clients than a freelancer with a good  tax accountant; the trick is picking out the micro-agencies from around the industry.

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Creative Capital: Networking made easy…

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Claudie and Tamara from Edge Thinking hosted a workshop on networking at The Hospital. Their top tips for networking were:

  • Be authentic
  • Be curious and a good listener
  • Be passionate about what you do and being able to express that passion clearly (What are you passionate about? Where does this passion come from?)
  • Spot opportunities to help and be helped (don’t be afraid to ask someone if they can introduce you to someone who can help)
  • Connect people (connect people that you know, whom you think may make a great match)
  • Pre-event visualisation of what you wanted to achieve, kind of like what professional skiers do before going down a slalom run
  • Be aware that networking can have a long payback time or by a circuitous route (karma doesn’t move in a straight line)
  • Be sure to follow-up, even if you have left it too late, apologise and follow-up anyway

Useful questions to have:

What are you most proud of?

Who would be useful for you to meet/ connect with?