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Things that annoy the hell out of me

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In no particular order:

  • Just because I have an accent that hails from Liverpool does not mean that I support either Liverpool or Everton (I support neither)
  • The poor coverage that top-flight rugby league gets in the media
  • The Barry Scott character on Cillit Bang adverts, I make a point to boycott their products because of him and urge you to do the same
  • UK airports – BA ads won’t make me change my mind, you are crap. Face it, if you entered a beauty pageant you would look like Jeremy Clarkson in a two-piece swim-suit
  • US airports – If you want people to come and visit your country try making a border system that doesn’t treat us like criminals
  • On being told that I am allergic to alcohol (and so don’t drink) people who comment about ‘how great that must be, you must be so healthy etc etc’. Err no, also I have one less form of escape from reality than you do
  • New Era caps – more over-exposed than Katie Price’s chest
  • Poor personal hygiene on public transport. Poor personal hygiene in general is bad, but please show some consideration
  • People who want some PR / digital advice for free – I don’t come into your house and steal stuff from your fridge, why are you trying to do this to me?
  • Chopsticks with a polished finish. I have zero skillz since I am a Hibernian gwei-lo, so I hold my sticks a fixed distance apart to approximate a fork. Too shiny a finish on the sticks causes both hand and food slippage
  • Meetings: too many, too long, too unproductive. Same for conference calls
  • Offsite events: why do I need to travel, when you could tell me the same thing in the office and no I don’t particularly want to embarrass myself or share my feelings with others
  • People who think that PowerPoint is a universal language ‘could I have your thoughts on a PowerPoint’. Its a presentation aide, an aide-memoir for the audience of said presentation. They are not a way of running your business life
  • Technology hardware adverts – a list of features is not a compelling reason to buy your products
  • My phone’s battery life, why are modern phones no better than the Nokia 6310i I had seven  or so years ago?
  • The fact that my European and Hong Kong-based colleagues seem to have far more public holidays than we have
  • Salespeople who call me on my mobile phone
  • The fact that most clothing labels release their coolest designs only in Japan
  • You can’t get diet Barqs and diet Mountain Dew in the UK (without paying a fortune in the likes of CyberCandy)
  • UK (and Irish) summers
  • The decline of independent vinyl record shops
  • Not being able to buy decent soda bread, black pudding or white pudding in the supermarket
  • Any Irish newspaper site bar The Examiner
  • That Channel 4 and Five don’t support Macs for their online television services

7 replies on “Things that annoy the hell out of me”

A fellow scouser! Ey lad, no messin like!

Agree about US airports – by far the worst experiences at an airport ever, not even mentioning form-filling-orama. “No, I haven’t brought any plants with me.”

Meetings: always too long and too unproductive. Held hostage by one person who goes into minute detail about the most trivial of points.

PowerPoint: Crap PP’s where you could just be given the notes and read it at home. People are CRAP at that! Steve Jobs’ keynotes rock.

English summers: ’nuff said – the defence offers no argument.

C4 and Five’s no Mac support: crap. Currently mulling over Parallels, but don’t even want Microsoft rubbish on my Mac – think that’s be like fouling my own bed :(

Saying ‘rock’ after something to convey that’s it’s quite good.

Saying ‘go’ before a noun as a form of approval or encouragement.

Ghastly Americanisms used by young people and wannabe corporate septics.

I dig this. :) I laughed out loud on the phone battery life comment. I agree on it too-my old Nokia from 5 years ago have better battery life compared to so many others newly released.

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