Things that I learned this weekend

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I’ve spent most of my weekend sorting out a bathroom crisis in my home. Fortunately I had family down to give a helping hand.

  • DIY isn’t easy. Over the weekend, with the help of my Dad I replaced my toilet cistern, the flushing mechanism, the ball cock mechanism, the seals and pipes connecting the toilet to the cistern and the outlet pipe from the toilet to the drain. It was deceptively tricky to do and a second set of hands came in handy
  • You can’t do it if you B&Q it. I spent a large amount of time at B&Q in Leyton, the staff were polite and helpful; but the store stock largely catered for people who were reinventing their home rather than doing maintenance. Because of that I spent most of my money at a small independent plumbers merchant instead. I also felt a pissed off because B&Q did not live up to its brand promise. Their business is not particularly well set up  for home maintenance work, which is likely to come back into vogue as people make do in order to manage their debt in uncertain economic times
  • Bathroom chemicals are harsh. I had been using toilet blocks in the cistern to help keep the toilet bowl clean,  these had eaten away at the seals on the cistern. I bailed out the cistern wearing a fetching set of marigolds which were attached by the chemicals and sprung a leak, it was like I was working back in my first job when the laboratory gloves used to disintegrate under the attack of corrosive chemical agents and powerful solvents. Any toilet blocks are bad news, don’t use them