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Links of the day

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Micro Persuasion: Graph Your Tweets with Twitter Charts – really nice Yahoo! Pipes / Google Charts mash-up’s Sale Hampered By Crunch, Confident Will Survive ‘Dark Days’ | paidContent:UK

The Survival Matrix – VC analysis during downturn

Intel repudiates executives’ criticism of the iPhone – – PR Fail

PR 2.0: Twitter Tools for Community and Communications Professionals Trims Free Stories Back Again, Launches Chat Community | paidContent:UK

Shenzhen Undercover: Shenzhen’s Greater Plan: No Manufacturing, No Problem.

First China Ripples of Global Financial Crisis Come Ashore – Part 1 – Trade

China Journal : Chinese Consumers Offer More Challenges for Challenging Times – interesting insights, service paramount. Experiential parts of brands most important. This bodes well for Apple’s retail strategy

Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform: A guide for the perplexed | All about Microsoft |

Social media and brands in 2009 – Shiny Red’s vox pop survey; nicely done. Wouldn’t necessarily agree with some of the trends such as the semantic web, but good material here

Digital Evangelist: Has Symbian not learnt from Psion?

Cultural and Social Media Observations From Japan

BBC user ecosystem – really nice diagram for presentations

Eagle Bar Diner – Rathbone Place – recommended by my colleague Petrina

Twitter for Public Relations – neat slide deck

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