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Razorfish Report on Consumer Purchasing Behavior – Going Social Now – interesting and contradictory to BuzzLogic’s recent survey. Some of the adoption of widgets seems well out of kilter with my gut feel.

Fighting Social Influence Marketing Myths – Going Social Now

Guest Comment: Who Owns The Trademark When It Comes To Search? — Digital marketing news | Digital marketing events at Netimperative

The DO Lectures | 4th – 8th September 2008 – a green version of TED, less up itself and more environmentally focused – now featured in 1000 megapixels! – mad as a bag of cats

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Azure Blues | PBS

Kong Yiji and the question of software piracy – interesting outtakes from the ongoing debate in China on software piracy » Blog Archive » 10 of the Best Social Media Tools for PRs – Rax over at Splendid has put together a list of great tools for online media relations.

Justin Perkins: Social Media ROI Calculator – SlideShare – social media ROI often isn’t that great for cause-related marketing

Why does ROI in social media suck?

Social Media ROI and Statistics Reources | Constructing Social – handy collecation of reports

Vegetarian Starter Kit by PETA. They refused to do an edition sans Russell Brand

Stand By Your Brand: Russell Will Not Be Removed From PETA Literature

Facebook Hemorrhaging Cash, Runs To Dubai For Money

Porsches Clever Corner in VW Stock – DealBook – New York Times

San Francisco CultureBus – something for me to try next time I am in SFO

Home › Yongfook – Web Producer – nice site picked up of my friend Rachel

Links of the day Japan-style from my friend Junko Furukawa who works for actio inc. in Tokyo: