Links of the day

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Oy Arrak Software Ab – anagram generator – I am sure this would be handy to mystery novel writers or people trying to slack off at work, but its very cool

TBWA\ linked to Lewis Hamilton hate website – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic

China Journal : Reading Tea Leaves: Premier Says China Must Boost Domestic Demand

Zopa – SlideShare – really nice deck

UK PR companies missing out on digital opportunity – not sure about the methodology of this, but at least Adam Parker of webitpr raises some interesting points

Google tweaks AdWords formula – Brand Republic

How Low Will Online Ads Go? Lower, Says J.P. Morgan. Very, Very Low, Says Gawker’s Nick Denton | AllThingsD

Heaviest Internet Users Also Heavy TV Viewers | WebProNews – so how much attention is paid to either media and is the sum of the attentions worth anything near the undivided attention of an immersive media?

Who Killed the VoIP Revolution? – GigaOM