Links of the day

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Think tanks expect slower yuan appreciation – China Economic Review

Semiconductor Forecasts Predict Cheaper Gadgets Ahead – GigaOM – I guess this screws AMD as well

Brits set to be biggest savers this Xmas — Digital marketing news | Digital marketing events at Netimperative

Defrag Keynote Nov. 4, 2008 – Charlene Li – great deck on exploiting the social graph

Tech Watch: Great Ideas Done Badly | Fast Company

Welcome to SuperCard – modern day version of HyperCard. Runs old school HyperCard stacks

How to Target a Facebook Ad to a Specific Individual – Advertising Age – DigitalNext – admittedly click through rate is ridiculously high and you are not likely to remain on prime position for long

It’s a New Day in America — – some interesting data points pulled together by Brian Solis

Games to be UK’s best seller in 2008 News // Eurogamer – anti-social dweebs unfazed by credit crunch

O2 looks to pass the Litmus test | Technology |

O’Brien: Web 2.0 dead? No, it’s just getting started –

Yahoo’s Hadoop software transforming the way data is analyzed –