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Looking for inspiration

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Sometimes I get asked where do you find enough to write about? And the answer is from a multitude of sources:

  • Suggested links from my Twitter community
  • The bookmarked sites of my network on delicious (is it me or does it feel weird not writing it as any more?)
  • I scan over 400 blogs and news sites in my RSS reader, here is a link to the sites sorted into categories
  • I have been a bit slack on this lately, but I try to get out and meet people, preferably those that have a different perspective to me
  • I am a subscriber to some web 1.0 media that comes up with great content. Examples of this include David Farber‘s Interesting People email list, HolyMoly, Popbitch and the conferences on prototype online social community The Well
  • The company I work for has a very email-centric culture: whilst it means that I go in every morning to do battle with an inbox bursting out of control, I also get sent links to great materials.
  • Mainstream media: I am addicted to includes Wired magazine, Monocle, Geek and the US edition of Esquire  

I’m going to tag Jonny Rosemont, Wadds and James Gordon-Mackintosh to find out what inspires their blog posts.  Also going to be in Barcelona next week looking for web.20ish or cultural recommendations to try whilst there (the comments box is now open).

8 replies on “Looking for inspiration”

Hey Ged.

No, it’s not just you – I feel very odd writing

Nice post – I’m finding that recently my use of RSS is really declining. Links come to me through Twitter and also through other more direct filters like Techmeme. I also have a few key blogs in a hot pane on iGoogle that I check direct once something pops up.

Re Barcelona – a former client sent me a great list of stuff to do and see, I’ll forward it over to you – I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. I was there with Charlotte very recently. Best bit was the random theme-park on top of the mountain and then climbing up a church built on top of a church and bricking ourselves. We also found a great little restaurant called Arc Cafe I think.

Oh – and I know you didn’t tag me but I thought what the heck. I might even do a full blown post and pretend that you did.

Hi Jonathan, I should have tagged you but I wanted to keep it manageable. Lets get a coffee in the diary when I get back,it would be good to catch up.

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