The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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In this edition of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly we have technology trends that have been on the map and come back, conspiracy-laden spy films and people who embody rock n’ roll:




Return of the network computer: Although that you could argue that devices like ASUS eeePC and Nokia’s n8XX series do not match the technical specifications of Larry Ellison’s Network Computer, they do match the ethos of the device.Applications and services are primarily accessed of the web and the consumer benefits from the use of low-cost hardware and reduced power consumption.Return of the PDA: lets be honest about this, the Nokia 5800, the Apple iPhone and the iPod touch is like stepping back eight years to colour PDAs. My Palm Tungsten T3 was a perfectly adequate music player and that was five years ago. It was also a very nifty voice recorderReturn of the portal: Is it me or is Facebook and Google IG just the return of the portal a la Excite and Yahoo?
3 Days Of The Condor – it was tough to split between The Parallax View and 3 Days Of The Condor. Ultimately Condor won out by a nose (or beak), it is classic political Redford alongside The Candidate and All The President’s Men.

Defence Of The RealmDefence Of The Realm was a British film that captured the paranoid nature of Thatcher’s Britain. Things weren’t help by a shoot-to-kill policy in Northern Ireland, government tactics against the NUM and Peter Wright’s Spycatcher debacle.

Enemy Of The State – Will Smith’s non-stop adventure train makes it feel like every other action film out these days. It isn’t going to provide with any conversation starters at a dinner party. Speaking of conversations, Gene Hackman’s role  in Enemy Of The State  echoed his performance in The Conversation, another great paranoid thriller.
Ronnie Drew – Ronnie was one of the prime movers behind The Dubliners, although they were folk music revivalists. Drew embodied rock and roll and managed to do a fair bit of good at the same time. One of Drew’s overlooked works is the short film O’Donoghue’s Opera, a film shot on the proverbial shoe string in 1965 and is worthwhile checking out.Johnny Cash- The man in black was rock and roll before rock and roll knew what it was.

Marshall Mathers – When Shakespeare wrote that all the world’s a stage, he didn’t mean that the world should be a therapist chair.