Links of the day

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NYLVI: Your Place For Vinyl: Buy & sell records, explore music scenes
– like Netsoundsmusic but very cool design

High quality YouTube video hack

National Geographic Store Opens in London, Offers Self-DNA Sampling | PSFK – Trends, Ideas & Inspiration – I must go along to see this

Mark Zuckerberg: Why Facebook is still hiring – interesting analysis of the Facebook business at present

Online PR – PushON blog  – PR 101 for digital agencies

Mens Underwear and Male Underwear from Sunspel – really nice plain t-shirts.

How to Sing Karaoke With Confidence – wikiHow – to me karaoke is up there with water boarding, however if you want to bond with co-workers and friends in Asia karaoke is a necessary evil.

Ford F150 Raptor | Ford Vehiclesreal men drive Unimogs, but if you’re a hairstylist then Ford’s F150 Raptor maybe just the thing for you. A low centre of gravity, decent tires and a paint job that looks the customers from an Essex tanning salon. Lovely.