Links of the day

Twist – see trends in twitter – like Google Trends but for Twitter

BBC NEWS | Can Stephen Fry kill a gadget? – interesting article about influence. I think that Blackberry killed the Storm with bad product and software design

8 SMS gateways/aggregators |

Not ye olde banners | The Economist – online article courtesy of Joshua March

Twitter multi account manager & brand monitor | Splitweet – managing multiple twitter accounts

Boxee Invites – invites with really nice service

Printable Vouchers – Print Off High Street and Restaurant Discount Vouchers

Lufthansa – shopping adding points to my account

Beckumer Leder-Bekleidungswerk GmbH – makers of the German pilot jacket – very cool design and virtually indestructable

Triple Aught Design Gear, Inc. – dodgy site design but some nice soft shells and jackets

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