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Swarovski takes advertising to new level in Hong Kong

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Swarovski, the crystal trinkets to binoculars behemoth famous for supplying the bling that covered Paris Hilton’s infamous Sidekick outdid themselves with an advertising and ceiling display as part of a brand take over of Hong Kong MTR (US English:rapid transit or UK English: tube) station in Hong Kong. I got the pictures from a friend currently out there.

Swarovski crystals decorating Hong Kong MTR station

The poster artwork seems to be part of their Christmas jewels collection advertised on the company website which includes a range of charms, rings and necklaces that would look at home in the Argos catalogue.  Regardless the brand takeover in Hong Kong is impressive. It has caught the imagination of the locals and my friend tells me that apparently ‘everyone is tempted to steal the expensive crystals hanging from the ceiling.’

Swarovski crystals decorating Hong Kong MTR station