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Has Burger King gone too far?

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Burger King have done something exceptionally rare, they have managed to make online campaigns that go consistently viral. Their latest one is called Whopper Virgins and conceptually follows on from the Whopper Freakout documentary film.

whopper virgins JPG

Whilst I can understand the appeal of the idea, I personally find the video on the wrong side of tastefulness as it feels exploitative of indigineous people and promotes the idea that American fast food is somehow superior to their own diets. Somehow I think there may be the odd medical expert or two who would disagree with this premise.

I feel deeply uneasy about this film, it doesn’t seem as focused on proving brand values as Freakout and is more like watching a documentary about missionaries going into the wilderness to ‘civilise’ these people’s palates.

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fascinating video…by the way, in terms of viral videos, remember that Burger King also did the “Subservient Chicken” which is probably one of the most successful virals of all time (and one of the first!)

While the ramifications of this missionary mission are will likely be horrific in the long run in terms of people’s health, etc, its ingenious grassroots marketing for a company that has flat sales in its home market. Say what you will about large American corporate food, cigarette and fizzy drinks companies, but they know marketing!

Ugh, this is deeply creepy, I don’t like it at all.
I suppose that as many fast food chains’ sales stay steady at best, or decline (most probably terminally), we should expect more aggressive marketing compared to when sales were higher and they didn’t need to.
I think a great deal of stores currently owned by McDonald’s and especially Burger King will go the way of Lyons Tea Houses in the next few years…

I agree with some of what everyone else has said. And, being an American, I tend to take the negatives more in stride :> First, I think it’s very well done. Second, it is troublesome and them musical score they used made it even more that way, a bit foreboding. I don’t think Burger King or McDonald’s are going away anytime soon for the simple reason that they serve cheap food and cheap is in right now even in the UK.

I am an American documentary photographer based in Bucharest, Romania right now and have been working on a book project about Europe’s most traditional life which exists in northern Romania where part of the ad was shot. I am shocked. Just shameful. The villagers’ whole lives revolve around organic farming and their traditions. There are few true chances for genuine adventure left in the world and it seems America just won’t stop spread its vapid culture and industrialized food even to the far corners of the earth.

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