The Prodigy at the Brixton Academy

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Brixton Academy with its lofty roof is one of the best venues in London for live music and last night’s performance by The Prodigy filled the venue to capacity. The set had a mix of new tracks and crowd pleasers like Voodoo People and Out of Space that the audience could sing along too. There is nothing more stirring to the soul than to hear Her Britannic Majesty’s subjects singing in unison the lyrics to Smack My Bitch Up.

The Prodigy - Brixton Academy

Some of the new material had a familarity to the audience borrowing a piano break or two and the chorus of Truefaith & Final Cut featuring Bridget’s Take Me Away.

Maxim and Keith Flint were master showmen hyping the crowd up and getting them to pogo like it was 1977.

There was a mixed crowd at the event including aging punks, ravers and indy kiddies, but probably the strangest where the Eastern European contingent who brought glow sticks and offered out Pringles.

Then there where the people who pushed through the pogo-ing crowd during the middle and end of The Prodigy set with arms full of drinks orders – so one can only assume that they must of spent most of the evening queueing at the bar. There is something almost Darwinian about their stupidity.

In some ways the concert reminded me of the oil refinery that I used to work in. There were designated safe places (huts) to smoke and in the Brixton Academy the gents toilets to the left of the stage served exactly the same purpose.

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