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Links of the day

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South African brand trends for 09 « Underfield

56minus1 :: » guanxi in the Chinese web ::

Twitblogs – Sam Sethi’s new business, not sure what the point is though.

SwissCom Tries To Deflect Criticism Of Le Web Internet Failure – Arrington calls SwissCom liars.

Forecasts: Get ready for a three-year recession – no compelling reasons for the economy to snap out of it

Japanese business confidence hit hard – International Herald Tribune

What Yahoo Should Do « blog maverick – Yahoo! should go big and buy companies up cheap whilst it can to bulk up on places it could monetise, its open strategy could be leveraged as an advantage to make that happen

Building Relationships is More Important Than Building Links Alone – this completely closes the gap between search agencies and PR agencies if the SEO guys wake up to it

Yahoo Announces Next Steps in Open Strategy

Album of Photographs of Japan – a set on Flickr – cool copyright free pictures from the New York Library

Digital Design Blog » Tracking Social Influence: Razorfish Files Patent For Social Media Action Tag

The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World – – basics of web 2.0 for senior management